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Terrie Childress

Writing from the soul to glorify God

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About Terrie

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My first best friend in life was my sister. And all my other friends were books, or the characters who lived inside them.

My favorite book as a child was Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers because she was the epitome of magical adventures. And I loved adventures, like riding my bike to the pretend grocery store and swinging so high that I could almost touch my toe on a bowing tree branch, though my fear of heights always squashed that reality.

While my adventures were lacking the extraordinary magic of Mary Poppins, I carried that book with me everywhere I went, hoping "to pull all manner of wonders" out of my empty purse each time I revealed the cover to the light of day. Then, up, up, and away would go my imagination at the crackling sound of the opened cover and the smell of the much-loved ink-soaked pages.

My friendship with books led me to their first best friends, Pencil and Paper. And I've been hanging out with those 

two since my teenage years when I developed a love for writing poetry, and later, children's stories.

With a degree in Education and a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature in Writing for Children and Teenagers, my best stories happened in my reading classroom where the curious minds of my students became lively characters on the tip of Pencil and the blank canvas of Paper.

Detoured is my first book for adults, retracing my breast cancer journey and told with a blend of drama, mystery, humor, and suspense with the steady hand of God always at the wheel, at every turn.

Since the launch of my book, God has been calling me to assignments related to Detoured, and I am following His call on every new path He leads me. And now retired from the educational arena, the hands of my time are directed by God's hands.

When I'm not at my writing desk, I'm out creating more memorable stories with my husband and our golden retriever.  

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"Joy to the World! The Lord is come. Let Earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room. And Heaven and nature sing. And Heaven and nature sing. And Heaven, and Heaven and nature sing."

Hallelujah! Christ has come! The greatest gift of all at Christmas, and always! He is with us, always!!

Merry Christmas, dear readers! 

DETOURED Paperback Version Released October 22, 2020!!!

Buy Your Copy Now at Amazon, Books-A-Million (BAM), Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, and other book retailers! Enjoy, dear readers!

If you're a fan of Regina Brett's, God Never Blinks, you'll love this inspirational, dramatic, and unforgettable memoir through unimaginable turns with God at the wheel.  

Coming Winter/Spring 2023!!  I am so excited to announce our third offering of the Book Club Support Group for Cancer Patients and Survivors through Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia. DETOURED--My Ride Through Cancer with God as Chauffeur will again be the featured title for this group. Stay tuned for updated information, time/dates, and how to register! We would love to have YOU join us to share your journey (and uplift others along the way who are sailing among you!), as you find the raft full of others reaching across to you. This gathering has been described by one of our recent participants as "a most special time of support, encouragement, and shared stories that weave us together as one fabric among 'sisters' you never knew you had."

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News and Events


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