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Adult Nonfiction

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DETOURED - My Ride Through Cancer with God as Chauffeur

Does God really listen to every conversation? Hear every utterance? Know each thought and every wish? How does God bless you through the unspeakable? These are a few of the questions that Childress grapples with in this poignant, spiritual, and unforgettable memoir.

Told with a blend of mystery, drama, humor and suspense, DETOURED not only chronicles Childress's breast cancer journey full of 'bumps' and blessings, but shows how God used her everyday walk, struggles, and words to navigate her through the unimaginable turns with Him at the wheel.

Young Readers

A Blade of Grass, A Drop of Water

Even before Daddy gets sick with cancer, he and Patty go fishing every Saturday, spring through summer. It is by the lake where Patty and Daddy share their most special times--as Patty learns from Daddy about the Pisces fish constellation, and as they laugh watching fish jump up from the lake for raindrop drinks! But then, something about Daddy begins to change. Daddy first blames his tiredness on the fish, but then explains to Patty that it might be a little bit more. Daddy comforts Patty by reassuring her that new medicine is being invented everyday to cure cancer; but, not knowing for sure if or when Daddy will get some new medicine, Patty sets out to create an invention of her own that she's sure will save him.  

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Book no.1
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